For around one week the County has been experiencing strong winds right from the Indian Ocean dusty beaches and sand dunes in Ozi & Kipini all the way to Bura and beyond.

Clouds of dust, characteristic of desert storms engulfed the hinterland resulting into persistent coughs. Suddenly on Monday night clouds gathered momentum ushering unprecedented rain pouncing till morning and continued till night fall on Tuesday.

While farmers and herders ululated and celebrated the onset of the rains, bus owners and travellers had a different story to tell. The rain destroyed the roads and caused havoc.

The aftermath of the torrential rain was flash floods rendering all our main roads impassable. The worst hit was the Hola-Garissa highway. Passengers plying the route were stranded as buses struggle to go through sections of the road that were under construction.

This was the state of our main roads rendered impassable with only one day heavy rain. Let’s not mention the feeder roads which are cut off and residents have. to trek for miles before vehicles and motor bikes can manoeuvre and reach their destinations.

Allah has given us a reprieve and a sigh of relief by answering the prayers of the suffering travellers. On Tuesday there was Sunshine that aides in drying the roads. Now vehicles can pass, but once it rains again the same cycle begins.

Tana River experiences a bimodal conventional rain mostly in April & September. So every year the problem of impassable roads recurs with no remedy in offing. Our leaders join the residents in the same rhetoric lamenting about the sorry situation of our roads, but once the rains subside they go silent waiting for the next season.

While other counties have been struggling, ours there is very little being done in mitigating the poor infrastructure. To them it suffices to blame the National Government for the poor state of our roads. Yes let’s pass the back but not relenting in our endeavour to push the National Government to construct standard roads for us. The Minjila – Mwokoe road is a good example of a a state of the art Highway that can also be done in Tana River.

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