Mostly people talk about orphans without mentioning the widows who are left behind with the burden of taking care of the children. Widows have been forgotten and get zero assistants, However, for the first time in Tana River the fate and agony of widows got recognition through efforts of the County Woman Representative Mama Rehema Hassan.

The widows got a boost when the DP presided over a funds drive at Minjila, Garsen in aid of widows and other vulnerable groups. The DP donated 2 million which will go along way in alleviating suffering among widows.

The event also was used to launch NGAAF projects in Tana River which included distribution of sewing machines, dishing nets, water pumps, car wash machines, saloon equipment among others.

From the colorful event and high turn out it was clear that the beneficiaries were excited and thankful for the assistance they received.

Mama County Rehema Hassan has been pioneering in coming up with small scale projects with high impact.

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