On Thursday last week DP William Ruto was in Garsen Town, Tana Delta in the company of Mama Rehema Hassan, Tana River County’s MP to extend a helping hand towards the most vulnerable in the society especially the widows who have long been forgotten.

This is a humanitarian gesture displayed by the two leaders because very few think in that direction. The fundraiser was very successful and widows in Tana River can afford to smile because for the first time since time immemorial they are going to transact business courtesy of Mama County.

The widows managed to raise Ksh1.7 Million supplemented by Inua Mama initiative which dropped Ksh1 Million into the basket. DP William Ruto added Ksh2 Million into the basket. Finally, the National Government Affirmative Action Fund closed the chapter by giving out Ksh4 Million.

A total of Ksh8.7 Million was raised and soon several projects for the widows will start to be rolled out.

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