Yesterday the 22nd Day of September, 2019 being a Sunday it was expected that people will be relaxing with their families or engaging in other Socio-Economic chores, however it was a busy day for the Galole Elders as they engaged in a beehive of activities organizing for a consultative meeting with a very serious agenda with far reaching implications on the 2022 General Elections.

As elders were being ferried to Makere (Milalulu) for an overnight Gasa meeting, the area MP Mr Said Hiribae alias Posta was optimistic that he will be the sole Chanamaro candidate in the forthcoming General elections.

He did his ground work and mobilized the elders from Gwano to Milalulu, giving them transport and upkeep to make a declaration that will eliminate all Chanamaro aspirants from the Galole Parliamentary Race. If the elders agreed then Mr Posta would have been accorded another five year term to complete his development projects.

After deliberating on the request the Gasà failed to endorse the sitting MP Hon Posta as the preferred candidate for Galole Parliamentary seat. Instead they decided to open up the democratic space and declared “mume nguvuze” (let the people decide).

They advised all the aspirants for the Galole seat to declare their interests and start working for the people. The people will assess their performance before settling for the candidate of their choice.

By this resolution and verdict the elders this round have decided to give equal chances to aspirants and no one should harbour hopes of getting endorsed for any political position.

The meeting was attended by the area MP Mr Said Hiribae, Chewani MCA Saud Loda, Mikinduni ward MCA Muhammed Buya (Buya Major) and Kinakomba counterpart Sammy Malibe.

It seems the MP’ s agenda flopped and has to go back to the drawing board to prepare and face the upcoming aspirants especially Buya Major and Abdulaziz. The duo have launched programs that have been giving Mr Posta sleepless nights.

The elders have opened the space in Galole even after they were warned that competition might make the community lose the seat to another community. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see how the Gasa will deliver the seat to Chanamaro

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