The Gwano Community of Galole Constituency are up in arms against their MCA Hon Sammy Malibe for alleging that they are no longer interested in the Galole Parliamentary seat. According to a local arrangement by the Galole Gasa crafted in the year 2000 they forfeited the MP seat to their Southern communities namely Ndura, Kinakomba and Gwano.

The Ndura got a chance when the current Governor was elected MP Galole 2007 – 2013. The seat then was taken by Hassan Dukicha a cushite 2013 – 2017. The seat then went to Kinakomba when Hon Said Hiribae the serving MP was elected in the last General elections.

The Gwano community although fewer in number were hopeful that their counterparts will honour the agreement to let them occupy the seat come 2022 elections.

Majority of the Gwano have now started accusing the Kinakomba Ward MCA who hails from their community for insinuating that the MP seat can remain with the Kinakomba community for another term of five years. They fear being short changed and being dupped by the colleagues and ultimately denying them a chance to occupy the lucrative position.

The MCA made the remarks over the last weekend at Makere (Milalulu) while addressing a Gasa meeting. Mr Malibe disclosed that they held a secret meeting with the sitting MP in Mombasa where the three MCA’s agreed to let Hon Posta get a second term. Hon Muhammed Buya Yusa of Mikinduni Ward and Hon Sammy Malibe of Kinakomba ward had shown interest in vying for the MP position in 2022. The alleged endorsement of Hon Posta would mean the two MCA’ s pull out of the race and back the candidature of Posta.

Hon Buya poured cold water to the arrangement making it suspect that his colleagues could have been compromised. He categorically state that he was in the race and Hon Posta should not panic but prepare to meet him in the ballot where voters will decide.

The Gwano community is going to field candidates not only for MP but there are other seats they will be represented. They are firm that this is their turn to represent the people of Galole and wanted other communities to back them without compromise.

From Gwano circles it is now official; the Cheeya arrangement for the Galole MP seat is still on and it will never be complete until the Gwano get an equal chance to occupy the seat.

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