Schools are closing this week to usher in the Long Holiday full of festivities and enjoyment. Students are now free to stay with their parents till next year 2020. At least for now no more bells for preps, morning parade, classes and tuition. The happiness of the first lot of students departing from Schools can be seen on their faces as they board vehicles to travel back home. Most of them would prefer to board PSV’s with loud music, videos and WiFi to ensure maximum fun as they head home, welcome home for the long holiday

On arrival parents, friends and relatives will be unctuously waiting to give them a warm welcome. Expect hugs and smiles with tears of happiness. After a shower and a cup of coffee or cold soft drink you can now relax the Holiday has just started

As you plan to look for your friends, this marks how you have planned to utilize your vacation. If you are not careful then you begin roaming the town and spending most of your time with friends at home, in videos and parks. This is where many things go wrong due to peer influence. As you socialize and mingle you may be tempted to make love, engage in drugs and other anti social mannerisms. This Holiday might mark the beginning of your downfall when you conceive or acquire HIV, life will never be the same again.

To avoid falling a victim, plan to assist your family in running business, in the market or in the farm or simply assist in domestic chores. Don’t allow yourself to be idle since an idle mind is the devils workshop.

You must keep off bad company no matter how strong you are. There many criminals looking for teenagers to assist in their criminal work don’t get lured even with cash.

Don’t miss to pray because God will definitely protect you from evil.

Wishing you Happy Holiday. Guard your chastity and honour

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