Kenya Humanitarian and Charitable Organization (KHCO) will soon launch a mango seedling distribution project to farmers in Galole to boost their production and sales. The project being sponsored by Sharja Charity International Organization is expected to cost around 75 million.

The NGO which has been implementing numerous humanitarian projects in Galole, identified Agriculture as the backbone of the economy. Farmers rely on mangoes as their cash crop. With this support the NGO expect to boost mango exports and earnings.

The common mango species are the Apple, Ngoe and Dodo. The NGO has identified a special variety of Ngoe mango plant that matures within three years and has a height of around 3 meters. Farmers therefore will expect their first harvest between 2-3 years after planting the seedlings. The current local mango trees mature between 5-6 years

The hybrid mango variety has a reasonable height of 3 metres. The current local mango trees grow to a height of between 10-30 meters high. With the new variety farmers will not need to climb mango trees to harvest mangoes which affects the quality

The noble mango project seeks to assist Galole farmers to improve their harvest and get value for their investment

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