Tana River Governor, Major (Rtd) Dr Dhadho Godhana has done what we can call a minor reshuffle on key and very lucrative departments.

We still don’t know what informed the decision but the used to be very powerful Chief Officer of Finance and Economic Planning one Mr Hero Said Bwanamaka who used to control a budget of over Ksh. 7 Billion has been moved to the Department of Trade, Cooperative Development, Tourism and Industrialization with a mere budget of Ksh400 Million.

Ahmed Barako, a heavyweight in the former government on the department of Finance has now been given the triger to take over from Mr Bwanamaka. Barako was serving as a Chief Officer in the department of Livestock and is now home and dry. What a jackpot!

Another subject in the equation is one Mr Kanchoru Golo, Chief Officer Trade, Cooperative, Tourism and Industrialization has now been moved to the department of Livestock to replace Mr Barako who is now the Financial Mastermind and Keyholder of the County Coffers.

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