Kenya Humanitarian Charitable Organisation(KHCO) will distribute 500,000 seedlings to farmers . The seedlings will be both of mangoes and oranges . The orange seedlings are a very special variety that will also mature in a span of 3 years.

The orange seedlings are seedless and have a very high demand locally . Already, Makueni County are doing this type of farming and being a dry county they have managed to export bundles. Tana River is more suitable because of its hot climate and reach in water from the river .

The charitable organisation wants to empower the locals economically and in a few years’ time Tana River will be the basket of agriculture and the regional economic hub. This noble project is also expected to spur an ever green environment which will promote a healthy living. Green vegetation attracts rainfall suitable for agriculture.

Tana River will be a source of fruits to sell within the county and the neighboring counties . Fruits growing is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and the choice of growing Mangoes and oranges is a noble one because our people will be economically empowered and will not be depending on relief food .

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