The much publicised Governor’s Scholarship Bill has been rejected by the County Assembly. Members unanimously voted against the Bill thus ending the dream project of the Governor.

The rejection of the bill is just a tip of the iceberg that has revived bitter rivalry between the MCA’s and the Executive. In a sombre mood the MCA’s also snubbed a planned press conference to echo their support to the Governor in the three miles strip dispute with Carissa County.

It is evident that the MCA’s were protesting for something the Governor might have failed to accomplish. Inside sources hinted that Assembly and Executive differed over disbursement of development funds to the ward level to enable each MCA implement development projects. Its regrettable that the Governor let the MCA’s down at the last hour. No cash will be released to Wards. The Executive argue that it is not procedural and contravenes the core mandate of the Assembly: to legislate and play oversight role over the Executive.

However, the MCA’s are not convinced because their counterparts at the National Assembly have been given CDF and NGAAF. They had negotiated with the Governor and he had promised to avail the money so they are unable to comprehend the sudden change of heart.

The standoff between the Executive and County Assembly will adversely affect operations of the County especially at this time when the Executive is preparing a supplementary budget to be endorsed by the Assembly. The impasse will also derail the appointment of County Public Service Board members who must be vetted and approved by the County Assembly before being appointed.

As the two arms of Government brace for a battle of titans, the war will harm the economy and the residents have to contend with hard times ahead. The two should not forget that the County is under attack due to the raging boundary dispute with Kitui and Garissa. As leaders they need to team up to defend the incursion.

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